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The Principle

The basic principle:
grooved core + sanding strips = sanding tool

Special hubs with keyways or grooves are used to hold Tampico brushes fitted with abrasive fingers or strips - to create a suitable brush sanding roller.

These sanding rollers are contained within a variety of sanding and denibbing machines and used extensively all around the world in the preparation and finishing process.

Smart-Flex offers not only cilindrical cores, but also discs or special cores for CNC machines.

Selection to create the suitable head:

The right Core
Allways take the biggest possible diameter to get the best results. The overall diameter of the tool depends on the diameter of the core and the height of the sanding brushes. The width of the core must suite the machine.
ECO or MULTI The right sanding strip - model
MULTI strip for very tough sanding tasks with a lot of force on the strip.
ECO strip for all other applications.
The right sanding strip - brush
Short brushes (like M35, E35) for aggressive sanding, longer brushes (like E65, M55) for light sanding and deeper profiles.
ALO or SIC The right sanding strip - abrasive
Aluminium Oxide mainly for wood sanding on lower gritsizes (grit 60 - 150).
Silicon Carbide mainly for intermediate sanding in higher gritsizes (grit 180 - 400).
The right sanding strip - cutting width
small cuttings (like 3mm) to get to the bottom of narrow profiles.
Wide cuttings (like 20mm) to sand flat parts and wider profiles.
Allways mix at least two different cuttings.